VSNL Transpacific (previously TGN Transpacific) is a submarine telecommunications cable system transiting the Pacific ocean.

The cable system is constructed with one cable from Emi, Japan, to Hillsboro, Oregon, USA; one from Toyohashi, Japan, to Hillsboro; one from Toyohashi, Japan, to Los Angeles, California, USA; and one from Toyohashi to Guam. The TGN-P "Southern" route between Guam, Hawaii, and California was built but one fiber of the 8 was damaged over the Marianas Trench and the southern system was transferred to the US Department of Justice when TYCOM TGN was sold to VSNL in bankruptcy. The cables between Japan and Hillsboro are each constructed with 8 fibre pairs per cable, which at construction could support up to 96 10 Gbit/s waves in its 2001 configuration and the system has demonstrated performance at 100Gbit/s per wave.

It has landing points in: